Agarwood oil is otherwise known as oud oil and it has many other names as well but this can depend on the location. This oil is incredibly rare and it is also very precious as well. It is obtained by collecting several different species of agarwood trees and it is found in Bhutan, east India and south-east Asia. This is especially the case when you look at the origin in Vietnam and even Cambodia. Agarwood oil has a very long medicinal history and there are several species as well. This can include Aquilariaagollocha, A. malaccensis and more. Some of the species are endangered and protected. It should also be noted that there are many different grades of Agarwood and some of them are very expensive. In fact, some of them are worth thousands per pound. This is the highest quality of oil and wood you can get and in some instances it is harvested from rare and endangered trees.The scent of agarwood can depend on the species you have and it can also depend on the methods you use to try and distil it. On top of this, you also need to take into account the weather the agarwood has been up against because this can all affect the oil.

We make sure that our oils are made to the finest possible quality but we also make sure that we do not use any endangered wood in the process. This is what helps us to achieve the best results but it also helps us to make sure that we are protecting the environment with everything we create. Agarwood really is something to be appreciated and every single batch of oil you have will most likely have a different scent and this is one of the things that makes it so special when compared.


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